TNPSC Question Papers

TNPSC (Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission) has handled the job of giving employment to persons in various services of the State Government of Tamil Nadu which also involves the State, Subordinate and Ministerial Services. It has always been TNPSC’s endeavor to upgrade and improve its prevalent procedures of selection in order to select the best candidates for the various public services.

However in doing so, it has always followed the policy of recruitment and reservation of the State Government. The question papers of the exam covers a variety of topics in the syllabus such as general knowledge, general tamil and general English. The papers are standard, but not so easy that everyone can score high. But at the same time they are not so difficult that nobody will be able to answer the questions.

The papers of the last few years can be easily downloaded from the internet. Some of the sites give only topic based question papers while some of them give the full question papers. There are some independent sharing sites also where many people share their own question papers.

Some of the links for these sites are as follows-


Out of these is the official website of TNPSC and some questions are available in this site. The UPSC portal is a portal for the all India UPSC exam. Here, there are question papers of the TNPSC exam. Here question papers of almost all exams are available including those of TNPSC exam.


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    Sir, I am prepar in TNPSC Group II Examination Please issued the 2009 Model Question Paper in Tamil

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    want the last 10 years tnpsc group 1 and 2 question papers.questions & answers, Thanks in advance

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    i want 2010 group II question paper modles

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    i want 2010 tnpsc group II model question paper models

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    I want tnpsc question papers for Group II from 1999 – 2009..

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    I want last 10 years TNPSC Group 1 exam question paper (General Tamil,Mathematics and English.Please send it to my mail id.Thank you so much.

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    i need model question papers for tnpsc exam

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    I need tnpsc group2 question with answer from 1990-2009.I kindly request u to help me

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    want original exam question papers for Group 2 from the year 1990–2009

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    I need sample group1B question papers.. please send it to me..i am going to write 2010 exams..

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    i need tnpsc 2010 current affairs and guess question papers

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    want TNPSC-GROUP-2 examinations questions and answers(from the year 1990 to 2009) and GK Questions and answers send my id
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    i want last 5years question papers

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    questions will be G K OR SUBJECT

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    i need General knowledge and General English model question papers with answers from the year (1990-2009).kindly send it to my mail reply as soon as possible……